Villa Sandi

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Villa Sandi

Villa Sandi takes its name from the historic building which it calls home. Nestled in the hills of Marca Trevigniana, this villa has seen a host of illustrious guests, Napoleon Bonarparte being among them. Now Villa Sandi is a winery looked after by the Moretti Polegato family and produces some of Italy’s finest proseccos. For owner Giancarlo Polegato, Prosecco is ‘undoubtedly a symbol of Italian lifestyle’, with Villa Sandi becoming a cultural ambassador for the regions around Venice, especially the vineyards of Valdobbiadene where the majority of their Prosecco is grown.

‘Villa Sandi for Life’ is a programme that has seen them make a commitment to sustainable growing and investing back into the land that produces such lovely wines. Between the hydroelectric power plant that has been installed on site and the array of solar panels, Villa Sandi produces up to 40% of its energy requirements. They are also a member of Biodiversity Friend, an organisation that certifies their commitment to viticultural practices that have a low environmental impact.

Through their wines, Villa Sandi brings you a taste of the beauty that Northern Italy has to offer.