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Umani Ronchi

From the roots of the past we cultivate the wines of the future. With more than 200 hectares of organic grapes, Umani Ronchi has implemented zero impact agronomy and has been certified as an Equalitas Sustainable Winery.

The province of Ancona, Eastern Italy is the ancestral home to the noble Verdicchio and the Montepulciano grape from Rosso Conero. The unique style of Umani Ronchi wines comes from this region, framed by hills that meet the waters of the Adriatic Sea. Originally a family farm owned by Gino Umani Ronchi, it was bought by a young Massimo Bernetti who saw the potential for Ancona as a quality wine growing region. After converting the farm to viticulture, Massimo took a step back with his son, Michele Bernetti now at the helm. With both father and son having an unrelenting focus on quality Umani Ronchi is producing some truly astonishing wines. Along a narrow strip of land, sandwiched between the Adriatic coast on one side and the Apennine mountains on the other grows Verdicchio. This has been its country since the 14th Century and it grows here unlike anywhere else. As for Montepulciano the wine in the bottle is just as beautiful as the grapes on the vine. It is grown in the ancient pelago tradition, with the grapes hanging down off a canopy of vines, an image that would be familiar to a wine grower 1000 years ago. These two varieties are vinified in Umani Ronchi’s new cellar, which made the top 10 for Italy’s most beautiful cellars, the most prestigious award of them all.

Umani Ronchi was faced with a decision, whether to farm conventionally or organically. They chose organic with the firm belief that this practice simply means better wine. Fertilizers for the vineyards are strictly organic, they recycle energy through photovoltaic panels and they use sustainable materials. Their glass is lighter to reduce CO2 emissions and their bottle stoppers are made from sugar canes that are 100% recyclable. With Umani Ronchi wines winning major awards every year around the world, their decision has been vindicated time and time again.

Gambero Rosso Italian Winery of the Year 2024