Telmo Rodriguez

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Telmo Rodriguez

Telmo Rodriguez, one of Spain’s new generation of winemakers is bringing Spanish wines back to their roots. A firm believer that Spain is more than capable of producing their own wines that can rival the rest of Europe and the world as a whole, Telmo has invested in unlikely plots of land and planted grapes native to Spain, some of which had been believed lost long ago. It has been a journey of rediscovery, of looking inwards for ideas and reopening doors that had long been thought closed. This journey has seen vineyards planted in unlikely regions such as Malaga, Alicante and Cigales, often with native varieties like Godello, Verdejo and Moscatel. All these vineyards are managed locally, and biodynamically. Today Telmo Rodriguez’s range of wines showcases what he has accomplished. His red wines out of Rioja such as the Corriente (Corriente meaning everyday), provides a delicious taste of Spain that is both easy drinking and affordable. Alongside these are lovely white such as his Basa or Gaba do Xil, wines that would be a foreign concept in Spain a few years ago.

Telmo Rodriquez has brought Spanish wine making back to its origins and the result is stunning, the wines are a true reflection of place, tradition and all that Spain has to offer.