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Sunshine Brewing

Based in Gisborne, Sunshine Brewing has been making top quality beers since 1989, with their Gisborne Gold Lager, Gizzy Gold, enjoying an almost religious following amongst the locals. Twenty-five years on the Brewery was given a new lease of life when a few friends, after their 7th or 8th beer for the night, deemed it a sounds idea to buy it. Now, boasting a brand-new state of the art brewhouse and a core range of fifteen exceptional beers, Sunshine’s popularity is growing at a rapid pace. Gisborne’s best kept secret is out. With a passion for the sun, surf, mates and of course a good beer, the team at Sunshine Brewing are all about getting out and making the most of the day and having the right beer to hit the right spot for any occasion. Be it a Summer XPA on the beach, a Mexican Lager at sunset, or a nice cold Pilsner after a hard day of mahi, there’s something in the range for everyone.

Gisborne is the first place in the world to see the sun, so with your choice of a Sunshine beer, get out there and make the most of it!