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White wines from Rioja with freshness and complexity in their DNA.
The only winery in the region to focus solely on white wines, Nivarius is destined to become a benchmark for Rioja wines. The project has sought out specific vineyard sites, often at altitudes of 800m or more, where indigenous white varieties can slowly ripen to produce wines with superb texture and complexity. Produced from rare varieties, that were once at risk of extinction, and using farming practices with little intervention and respect for biodiversity, these vineyards are producing some astonishing fruit. These are wines that are bringing a breath of fresh air to the diverse wine landscape of Rioja.

At its entry level, Nivarius celebrates the expressive characteristics of Tempranillo Blanco, a fresh, lively, perfectly ripe wine that is a joy to drink.
“Almonds and jasmine, very pretty nose. The palate is fresh and long with zippy acidity. A wine full of character.” 89/100 Decanter magazine