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Leeuwin Estate

Leeuwin Estate is one of the five founding wineries in the famed Margaret River region of Western Australia. With its warm, gentle summers, mild frost winters, ample rainfall, rich soils and consistent growing season, the region has earned an international reputation as the producer of some of Australia’s finest wines. Originally a cattle farm, it was converted into a vineyard in 1973 by the Hogan family, with their first commercial vintage occurring in 1979. Now Leeuwin Estate operates as a family business through and through, something Denis Hogan believes is integral to their success, stating ‘Families and a long-term vision are so important in the premium wine industry’.

Members of Sustainable Winegrowing Australia, Leeuwin Estate take no shortcuts. For instance, to protect their grapes from bird damage they’ve planted alternative food sources alongside their vineyards. To avoid wind damage, they’ve undertaken an extensive tree planting programme. Where challenges are faced, they always look to solve them in a way that is friendly to the environment around them. There is no question that this has had a role in their success and now with three labels to their name, their Art Series, Prelude Vineyards and Siblings, Leeuwin Estate sits at the top of the Australian Wine Industry.

The quality of their wines is an art form in of itself, and the world of art is something they are closely connected too. Their ‘Art Series’ represents Leeuwin’s finest, most enticing and age-worthy wines. Leeuwin Estate commissions paintings from leading contemporary Australian Artists which are then used as the labels on the bottle, each one unique to that year's vintage. If you have the opportunity to visit the vineyard, you’ll also find their own art gallery where the original paintings for the labels are on display. Time the visit well and you can experience their annual concert where music is played on site in a natural amphitheater against a backdrop of karri trees. All this, however, would never have been possible, if the wine in a Leeuwin Estate marked bottle wasn’t one of the best you’ll ever experience.