La Gioiosa

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La Gioiosa

La Gioiosa is a winery that is putting Prosecco, Italy’s take on sparkling wine, on the world stage. Located in Northern Italy, the philosophy behind their success is very simple, ‘Prosecco for everyone’. With four different Proseccos to choose from, they provide a sparkling wine for every occasion. Inspired by owner, Giancarlo Polegato, La Gioiosa are the pioneers of Prosecco Rose, a project that has been in the works since 2009 and only just celebrated its first vintage in 2019. Alongside this, their lineup features a Prosecco Bio, a wine made entirely organically and sustainably, as well as an alcohol-free Prosecco which still has all the characteristics and flavours you’d want to find in a sparkling wine. Finally, their flagship wine, La Gioiosa Treviso is a Prosecco that is easy drinking, refreshing and fruity.

La Gioiosa simply translates to joyful, and that's exactly what these wines are. Whether it's a glass in the summer sun or there’s cause for celebration, these Proseccos have you covered.