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Domaine Maire & Fils

For several generations the Boisset family have recognised the potential of the region and have patiently built up one of the largest and greatest estates in the area, focused on key appellations such as Château-Chalon, l’Étoile and Arbois. The Domaine Maire et Fils, now covers 234 hectares producing all the grape varieties of the region.
The Jura wine region sits across the river from Burgundy and while small, has remarkable diversity. It covers 80 kilometres between Burgundy and Switzerland, and has a history of growing grapes that dates back to 312AD. Positioned on the mountain slopes that lead up to the Swiss border, ancient soils combine with a continental climate to provide ideal growing conditions for the vineyards. High altitude and freezing winters give a delightful freshness to these award-winning wines and since the late 2000s Jura has caught the imagination of sommeliers and wine amateurs worldwide.
The main varieties grown here are Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, but Jura's really distinctive grape variety, however, is the white SAVAGNIN, also called Naturé. Closely related to TRAMINER and hence GEWÜRZTRAMINER, it is grown to a limited extent all over the region, and gives a distinct roundness and complexity to the wines.