Cantina Del Castello

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Cantina Del Castello

Soave is a small medieval village in the hills of Verona, surrounded by medieval walls and overlooked by the ancient Scalegiro castle. Cantina del Castello can be found in an old palace building adjacent to the castle, and legend has it that a tunnel under the palace building led to the castle itself. Cantina del Castello translates to “winery of the castle” and in its antique cellar you can find the entrance to the tunnel where the aging process for some of the winery’s exquisite wines take place.

Cantina del Castello is a wonderful contrast of old and new. Housed in this ancient building lie small, state of the art stainless steel tanks that handle the small batch vinification of hand harvested Garganega and Trebbiano di Soave grapes.

A family affair, Cantina del Castello is owned and managed by Arturo Stocchetti, his wife, daughter and a small dedicated team. Produced from their own 13 hectares of grapes in the Classico region of Soave these wines are beautifully poised, subtly fragrant and wonderfully textural.