Vintners Gains Toitū Enviromark-Gold Certification

Vintners is proud to be the first New Zealand owned wine distributor to gain Toitū Enviromark-Gold Certification

For some time, Vintners has been looking at how best to incorporate a sustainable ethos into what we do. In our day to day we constantly strive to consider and review our actions and with this approach we set out to review programmes that would best guide us on our sustainability journey.

This brought us to Toitū Enviromarks which is an inclusive programme that looks at all the pillars of what we do. Our people, our community, and the planet. For the last year we have been working in preparation for our Enviromark Gold Certification and it has given us an opportunity to work alongside our team and consolidate our practices in house, to define our stakeholders and what they expect of us and to give our customers confidence that as a supplier Vintners is constantly working to improve its environmental impact.

Since 2001 we have had the privilege to represent some of the finest wine brands from New Zealand and around the world. In most instances these are family owned and work tirelessly to nurture the land for future generations. Vineyards live the effects of climate every day with the knowledge the work they do today is a legacy for tomorrow. Every one of the wineries in our portfolio has a story of giving back to the land and striving towards greater sustainability and conservation.

At Vintners we see our step in gaining Toitū Enviromark Certification as a mark of respect and commitment to these wineries we are honoured to represent.

What does this mean for you:

Next time you sit back and enjoy a glass of wine from the Vintners Stable you can have confidence that we are actively working behind the scenes, talking to our logistics companies and suppliers to ensure each bottle has been brought to you with sustainability in mind.

We thank you for supporting Vintners and being part of our journey.

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